Evaluation and Grading


Assessment is a critical element of any curriculum. Assessment is a process of collecting and interpreting evidence in order to make a judgment on a learner’s competence. Evidence can be collected with use of various methods, instruments, media and modes.

There are many reasons why learners’ performances are measured. These include assessment for monitoring progress (Home assignments), diagnosing or remediation barriers to learning (Module Objective Check List), supporting learning (Blended Learning), certification.

Accumulation of credit points merely represents that a candidate has completed the required pre-requisite and has therefore grasp of the content of that subject matter. Credits would only qualify for exemption of a quarter, but would not qualify towards the final certification. For certification the individual would have to attempt and successfully complete the appraisals.

The details of the various levels of assessment termed as Student Appraisals that the student has to attempt in every quarter are as mentioned below:
Information Search and Analysis Skills (ISAS) Assessment
The student shall be evaluated on ISAS based on a presentation done on the study topic assigned to him/her.
Project Assessment (PA)
The projects done by the student in the quarter shall be evaluated at the end of the quarter.  In case there are more than one project in a quarter, then all projects are evaluated individually and the simple average is considered as the final assessment of projects in the quarter.
Quarter Assessment (QA)
Each quarter will have a final Quarter Exam (Qfx) at the end of each quarter. The Qfx at the end of each quarter will cover the contents from the all the modules in the quarter.

Thus each Quarter will consist of the given exams:

•    Project Assessment at the end of the Quarter
•    Quarter Assessment (Qfx) at the end of Quarter for all modules in the Quarter
•    ISAS Assessment at the end of the Quarter
Grade Point Average
The following table provides the various Grade Points awarded to the student based on the performance in the Quarter.


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