There are various stages an Academic student undergoes at NIIT from his/her enquiry for a program to its completion and final certification. 


Admissions are open to all and no discrimination is made on the basis of gender, race, religion or caste provided they satisfy the criteria prescribed for admission, and is an equal opportunity process.  However, there are some eligibility criteria for admission to a program, depending on the course content, which will include a 30 minute “Aptitude Test” to evaluate the comprehension and analytical skills of the applicant. In addition to this, there might also be a “Pre-requisite Assessment Test”, to test the pre-requisite skills for admission to a particular program. 
The applicant is required to fill up a Pre-Application form containing the demographic data and shall be used for analyzing the profile of the applicant and upon further counseling advice him/her on the most suited program.
Based on effective first stage enquiry handling, an interested enquiry for NIIT programs would have to purchase the applicable Prospectus, which would contain academic information on NIIT and detailed information of the course for which the applicant seeks admission, program end profiles and the various services provided to the students. This helps the applicant to assess the capabilities from an overall perspective and decide about the programs that he/she needs to apply for.
Upon successful enquiry handling, the student if interested in an Academic program, then attempts the Aptitude Test. Such a test is required to understand the applicants’ basic analytical capabilities to ensure that he/she would be able to keep pace with the delivery speed at the NIIT location.



The applicant will undergo a counseling session with the academic counselor, and based on earlier discussions on the interest of the enquiry, his/her profile and aptitude test scores and further counseling, the counselor and the applicant would jointly determine the program that would be best suited.
This may not be a one-time activity and may involve several rounds of talks between the applicant and the counselor to determine the possible program that best suits the applicants’ requirements and aspiration. This would involve choosing a specialization depending on the interest level, career aspirations and goals, industry and technological trends. The objective of this process is to provide an advice on career options, learning path and guidance to the applicant to register for the most appropriate program.
At this stage, an informal interview is also being conducted by the counselor in terms of the applicant’s interactions skills.



Based on the centre selection norms and availability of vacancies, once the student has been successfully counseled for a particular course, he/she completes the “Admission Form”. At this stage, the applicant has to provide complete information on the form in terms of all previous qualification and skills knowledge acquired by the applicant that is required for admission to the program.
The application for admission is said to be complete, when the student submits the application to NIIT along with the academic admission fee into an NIIT program. This is referred to as Provisional Admission into an NIIT program.


The student is considered to be registered, when he/she completes the payment of fee components that are due, is issued the courseware, gets his/her batch details, along with the registration number and the confidential service key.
Upon issuance of the relevant courseware and the registration number, the student is considered to have completed his/her registration.



This stage represents the series of activities that the student would undergo during the conduct of each quarter batch of the program.  The Quarter batch is allocated and starts with an Introduction session for that Quarter, in which the methodology is introduced and documents like confirmed Invoice for the quarter are issued to the students.  The batch is conducted as per the scheduled milestone and attendance is monitored for every session.  During the conduct of the batch for the Quarter, the students are required to attempt various appraisals, which determine their competence.  At the end of each quarter, the Quarter Performance Reports indicating the student’s performance in the quarter are generated and issued to the students. 
Once the students complete all the quarters that form the program, then the certification process starts.  In case, there are some more quarters to complete the program, then they move on to the next higher quarter in the sequence and the quarter execution cycle continues.



Once the students complete all the quarters that form a program that they have gained admission to, then the certification process determines their eligibility for the award of certificates for the respective program.  The cumulative graded point average is calculated for the students and certificates are awarded as per the eligibility norms defined. The data collected at this stage provides a measure of service completeness at the education centres. 


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