Certificate in Network Support and Maintenance (CompTIA N+)


When an organization’s networks form the backbone of its operations, the network administrator has to ensure that its networks function smoothly at all times. For this, organizations require network administrators who have a thorough understanding of networking concepts, including network connectivity devices, signal transmission methods, network models, networking standards, and switching technologies. 
In the current global business environment where organizations may operate from several geographical locations, it is important that network administrators are able to manage and monitor networks efficiently. In addition, in the context of organizations’ need for greater security for their networks, data, and systems, network administrators must have the ability to implement security mechanisms to prevent and mitigate security attacks.  
This course equips students with comprehensive knowledge of networking concepts and the skills required to set up, manage, troubleshoot, and secure networks.

• Explore and summarize networking concepts. 
• Install, configure, and troubleshoot wired and wireless networks. 
• Identify the various network media types and connector types. 
• Explore different network topologies.
• Explore the LAN and WAN technologies. 
• Identify and troubleshoot common connectivity issues.  
• Analyze network traffic using the appropriate network monitoring resource. 
• Implement wireless security measures. 
• Identify the methods of network access security and user authentication. 
• Identify common threats, vulnerabilities, and mitigation techniques in the context of network security.

Program Cost

1,350 GHC

Program Fee

Program Length

2 months


3 Days A Week; 2 Hours Per Day

Admission Cycle

Throughout Year

Payment Plan

650 GHC per month



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