• Online courses from Element K now in Ghana

February 25, 2009

NIIT Ghana partners with Element K to provide the world-leading online training services to Ghana.

This alliance will help the learners to have round-the-clock access to more than 6,000 online courses on wide range of topics in Interactive & Visual content and Voice-over in Neutral accent in a navigation-friendly portal.

Element K Development Philosophy is based on partnerships. Apart from Element K authored material, they have chosen to partner in some key areas because of the unrivalled expertise another brand offers. For these areas they seek out and work only with industry leaders like Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, CISCO, Novell, Sun etc. in order to ensure the content meets the highest standards. And by combining the expertise these partners bring with Element K’s dedicated internal content development organization, clients whether workers and institutions are able to access the most effective e-Learning courses in the market today.

We are pleased to announce the concept of v-labs where a learner has hands-on session, connecting directly to real hardware and software. They have a great opportunity to practice and reinforce skills in integrated Labs from the home or office, thereby giving them 24x7 access to live networking systems in a risk-free environment. Truly, vLabs eliminate equipment investment and risks.

Element K’s virtual labs are a prime example of an innovative service available to our clients. E-reference Library offers more than 10,000 Online Reference Articles.

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