• NIIT Kumasi invited Mr. Samuel Adranyi for a one day seminar on Internet of Things (IoT)

4th September, Kumasi

The Next Web and Internet of Things seminar was aimed at driving the passion and enthusiasm of the students in technological trends. The students were exposed to real world challenges and how technology is being used as the driving force to change lives, standards of living and to solve complex and challenging problems. NIIT students were offered firsthand experience of these technologies, trends and Tools.

Some of the technologies discussed during the seminar included: a demonstration of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Yeoman Tooling, Angularjs Polymer and other trending JavaScript libraries.

Students were also introduced to the Internet of Things using the Arduino Uno and Intel Galileo Microcontrollers, some sensors and real world application e.g. turning a regular table top lamp into a smart lamp controlled via web and mobile interfaces.

Students were really pleased to have such an exposure.

Resource person for the seminar was Mr. Samuel Adranyi who is a senior application architect / Lead .NET Developer at EAI InfoSys.  Mr. Adranyi is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer with other professional certifications including MCP, MS Specialist (HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3), OCA and OCP. Seminar was organized by NIIT Kumasi centre.

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