• NIIT Tamale Celebrates its 1st Anniversary

NIIT Tamale centre celebrated its first anniversary in September this year. With a mission to provide quality ICT education in northern regions of the country, NIIT Tamale centre embarked on a series of activities to commemorate the Anniversary event.

Like all other centres of NIIT, the journey through the first year of the life of Tamale Centre has been truly exciting.  The entire experience from laying the foundation stone to installation of the State Of the Art IT training equipment has been overwhelming. Starting from the registration of students and the subsequent commencement of the very first class, the resolve of the team at NIIT Tamale centre to extend world class IT education to North Ghana has never wavered.

The team at NIIT Tamale, is upbeat about the progress of the operations at the center and the celebrations re-affirmed the enthusiasm and zeal to benchmark the quality education delivered at the centre.  The talented team constantly strives to achieve higher results and is committed to raise the performance bar higher.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Kapil Gupta, Managing Director NIIT Ghana, thanked students for patronizing NIIT Tamale and announced that up to 10% discount is being offered on all courses in the month of September and October 2011.

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