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  • OU Associate Lecturership for NIIT Ghana tutors

January 20, 2008


The Open University hosted NIIT Tutor training at Milton Keynes, UK during January 15-20, 2008. The training which was conducted at Milton Keynes, Oxford and Cambridge Campuses of the OU was targeted towards orientating the NIIT Tutors and Business Partners from Ghana, Nigeria, Botswana and Sri Lanka.

The training equipped trainees with ample skills for the three modules of the OU Top-up program namely, MYT 301 - Software Systems and their Development, MYT 364 - Fundamentals of Interaction Design and MYT 450 Project. It was a golden opportunity to integrate the vision of the two institutions and their training methodologies. NIIT centres worldwide will use the rich content of The Open University curriculum and NIIT's highly successful teaching methodology to train students across the world in a Instructor-led classroom setting in sharp contrast to OU's supported open learning methodology.

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